CaseMap, TextMap & TimeMap Support & Consulting Services

At Integrated Technology Services, LLC, we support and offer consulting services for all of the products we sell — including CaseMap, TextMap and TimeMap — assuring that our clients fully understand all of the ways the software can improve their efficiency, and allow them to obtain the best results possible for their clients. Of course, Dan Siegel is certified by CaseMap to train and support CaseMap.

In addition, we can assist in case preparation by either creating a CaseMap database for your cases or assisting your office with the creation and improvement of its existing CaseMap databases.

We offer both on-site and off-site support and consulting services. When you want the finest support and consulting services for CaseMap, TextMap and TimeMap,  contact “the person who wrote the book,” Dan Siegel at (610) 446-3467, or click here to send an email.