Table of Contents to The Ultimate Guide to LexisNexis CaseMap

Chapter One — Welcome to LexisNexis CaseMap.

Differences Between This Book and the First Edition Expectations and Objectives

Why Lawyers Should Use CaseMap The Theory of CaseMap

Chapter Two – What’s New in CaseMap 13

How This Book Focuses on CaseMap 13 CaseMap 13’s New Features

Fact Cards

View Fact Cards by Issue

To view issues assigned to a fact

To change/update assigned issues to a fact

To assign facts to a new issue via drag and drop View uncategorized facts and assign to an issue(s) View Fact Cards by Evaluation

To view evaluation assigned to a fact To assign evaluation via drag and drop

View unevaluated facts and assign to an evaluation View/Edit Fact Details

To sort by date

To create new facts from fact cards view To delete facts from fact cards view Creating Custom Spreadsheets

To create a new custom spreadsheet from the CaseMap default template

To create a new custom object spreadsheet from an existing object spreadsheet

To create a DocManager coding view The SmartAssist Legal Research Option To run a SmartAssist search

About SmartAssist LexisNexis Research options To disable SmartAssist

SmartAssist in Accessibility Mode Optional: Exiting the accessibility mode

Chapter Three – The Getting Started Window

Help & Info Tab Product Information Opening a Case

The Demo Case (“Hawkins”) Creating a New Case

Basic Terms CaseMap Windows Viewing Files

Spreadsheets (Overview) Facts Spreadsheet Objects Spreadsheets

Creating & Working With the Objects Spreadsheets

All Objects Spreadsheet Persons Spreadsheet Organizations Spreadsheet Documents Spreadsheet Other Physical Evidence


Places Spreadsheet Pleadings Spreadsheet Proceedings Spreadsheet Other Discovery Spreadsheet

Demonstrative Evidence Spreadsheet Other Objects Spreadsheet

Newly-Created Object Spreadsheets Issues

Creating and Working With Issues Research Spreadsheets

Research Authorities Spreadsheet Extracts from Authorities Authorities and Extracts LexisNexis

Question Fields Update History Fields

Chapter Four – Customizing CaseMap

The Quick Access Toolbar The Options Menu General Options Spreadsheet Tab Searching Tab

Dates Documents Research

File Locations Printing

Scripting, Send To Plug Ins & ReportBook Plug Ins Accessibility

Changing Fonts Row Heights Views

Default Views Creating Views

Arranging & Manipulating Fields

Chapter Five – Entering Case Information

Full Names Short Names

Document Naming Dates/Date Stamper

Times Time Zones

Date Ranges Fuzzy Dates Date Sequencing Date Navigator

Entering Information into a Spreadsheet Entering in a New Fact on the Fly Importing Information

Importing Linked Files from a Folder Importing Text Files to Populate Fields Importing Email from Outlook DocPreviewer E-mail to PDF Wizard Detail Dialog Boxes

Intake Interview Jumpstart Using All Object View Links

Using Links Effectively

Quick Linking of Facts to Sources Link Summary Fields

Link Assistant

The Bulk Issue Linker

Linking Facts, Objects and Questions to Issues Viewing Information & Updating Information – Fields Detail Views

Fact Detail Boxes Object Detail Boxes Issue Detail Boxes Question Detail Boxes Research Detail Boxes Custom Fields

Creating an Issues Outline Creating a Fact Chronology

Chapter Six – Analyzing & Searching Case Data

The “Search” Feature in CaseMap Searching

Full-Text Searches Recent Searches OCR Manager

The OCR Case Index Status Linked File Index Status Linked File OCR Status

Excluding a File from the OCR Process Enabling or Disabling the OCR Engine Rebuilding the Case Index

CaseMap DocManager

CaseMap DocManager Features

Send to CaseMap from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook Outlook


Annotating Documents Annotating Text

Annotating an Area or Graphic Printing Annotations

Pin Tab vs. Docking

Open a Document or Image in Its Native Format Batch Printing

Filtering – CaseMap’s “Traditional” Search Method Basic Filters/Searches

Find vs. Filter

Advanced Filter/Searches Tagging

And Versus Or

The Bates Analyzer Evaluation Fields

Issue Traits & Evaluation Field Features

# Fields

Chapter Seven – Reports

Reports Menu

Page Setup Page Tab

Report Options Tab Title Page Tab Title Page Info Tab Case Options Tab The PDF Button

Send Current View To Reports Send to TimeMap

Send Current View to Word, Word Perfect or Web Browser Send Current View to Excel

Other Report Wizards By Issue Report Wizard By Object Report Wizard Facts Spreadsheet Report

Summary Judgment Report PDF Printing

HTML (Web Browser) Printing Send To Features and Formats CaseWide

Simple Filter Report Managing ReportBooks Customizing ReportBooks

ReportBook Tools ReportBooks Overview The Pre-Built ReportBooks The Specific ReportBooks

Printing ReportBooks Customizing ReportBooks

Exporting & Importing ReportBooks Privilege Log Wizard

Chapter Eight – Case Tools

Auto Number Records CaseMap DocPreviewer

Integration With Other Applications Bulk Field Copy Tool

Bates Analyzer Bulk Field Update Bulk Import PDFs Bulk Issue Linker

Short Name Assistant Object Link Merger

Facts Linked to Selected Objects Utility Change Paths Utility

Delete All Records in View Bates Stamp Tools

Case Optimizer File Viewers

Spelling and AutoCorrect Options

Replicas – Replication and Synchronization Managing Case Staff

Adding Staff Members Staff Types

Backup and Restore Backups


Creating a Case Template